Arwin Hidayat

Arwin Hidayat combines primitive and contemporary motifs for his works on paper and in his paintings, and also by folk art inspired refined unique batik pieces. Although many of his works are inspired by his personal experiences and thoughts, his works of art can be seen as a subtle manner to pose questions about socio-economic and moral situation in Indonesia.

Arwin Hidayat loves the medium batik. It is traditionally a method to decorate cloth with motifs, pattern or designs using colour dyes and wax. It requires quite an elaborate manner of painting (writing) by hand, unlike the modern printed textile production for the mass. Although the method can be found in many places in (South-East) Asia, in Java especially this method of cloth decorating has found its high refinement, where every motive has its own meanings, and whom are allowed to use depending on the gender and even ranks of social and heritage. The traces of these batik paintings can be found in his works on paper.

Arwin Hidayat's artworks have been selected several times for ArtJog, the annual & prestigious contemporary art exhibition in Yogyakarta.

12 April, 1983 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia



Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
Kick-off London Book Fair, Asia House, New Cavendish Street, London
First Art Fair, Amsterdam

ArtJog, Annual Contemporary Art Event, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
KunstRAI, Gallery Lukisan, Amsterdam

Pameran Friends of TPS, Miracle Print, Yogyakarta
Solo Exhibition, “Gombal”, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta
Slow Fashion, ARK Gallery, Yogyakarta
Keep on Fire 3, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
ArtJog 10 "Changing Perspective", Jogja Nasional Museum, Yogyakarta
Bazaart Jakarta, Pacific place Jakarta
Volkswagen Exhibition, JEC, Yogyakarta

Red Base Young Artist Award, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta
The MASKS, Diesel Art Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo
Jogja Calling, 4A Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Print Parade, Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta
Survive Day, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta


Drawing Durhaka, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta
Nandur Srawung, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta
“Revitalisasi Hj.Widayat”, Museum Haji Widayat, Magelang
Check Your Connection, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta
Keep Fire On, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
FKY XXVII Laras Sinawang, Sasono Hinggil, Yogyakarta
UOB Finalist Exhibition, UOB Plaza, Jakarta
“Main Grafis”, Nalarrupa Gallery, Yogyakarta
Batik Archipelago, Daya Juang, Solo
Keep on Fire 2, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
Relation in Print, Tirana House, Yogyakarta
Print Parade, Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta


“Neo Folk” , IKKAN Gallery, Singapore
Asia Print (Krack Project), Sydney. Australia
“Fenomena Perjaka Lembab”, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta
“Merayakan Agar-Agar”, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta
“Silk Screen Attack”, Ascos, Yogyakarta
“Golden Age”, Lokananta Art Space, Solo
“Solid”, Krack Gallery, Yogyakarta
Neo Iconoclast, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang
ArtJog14 Legacies of Power, Yogyakarta
“Yang Maha Benda”, Studio Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta
Cut and Remix, Jogja Gallery. Yogyakarta
Agropop (Equator Project), Singapore


Solo Exhibition “BLUES BAU KENCUR”, Via Via Café, Yogyakarta
Via Via Sweet Seventeen, Via Via Café, Yogyakarta
ArtJog Maritime Culture, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta
Postcard DGTMB Exhibition, Dialogue, Jakarta
3D KRACK Exhibition, Yogyakarta
“Pameran Persembahan Survive Garage”, Yogyakarta


Postcard Exhibition “Just Because I Love You”, Via Via Café, Yogyakarta
Postcard Exhibition “MUBAL GENERATION”, LIR Café, Yogyakarta
Postkad “Postcard Exhibition”, Singapore
(s)mallseries #1, IAM (Independent Art Space & Management), Yogyakarta
Solo Exhibition “Flash Show Drawing”, West Brunwich, Melbourne, Australia


Mail Art Movement, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Semarang
Drawing Revolution I, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta


Turun dalam Rupa Cahaya, LIP, Yogyakarta
Expo Sign, Jogja Expo Center, Yogyakarta
Oemar Bakrie, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta
Rolling Draw, IVAA Gallery, Yogyakarta
ISIOTHERAPY, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta


SURPRISE II, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta


Pameran Bersama Kobe, Jepang
SURPRISE I, Galeri Biasa, Yogyakarta


FKY XI, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta
“Pameran Berdua ASA”, SMSR, Yogyakarta


“Pameran Lukisan Kaca”, Purnabudaya, Yogyakarta
FKY X, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta
“Anjing Kampung”, SMSR, Yogyakarta


Balai Pemuda Rahayu, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta