Dear visitors and gallery friends,

In the last months a (group of) hacker(s) has targeted our website with an unfortunate result that our website has been taken down and replaced by his/their page, but also that you may have received some spams.

Although the(se) individual(s) believed he/they acted for a good cause, the reality is that this was simply an act of vandalism. Besides, they could have found out that we are not against what they said they believed in.

But we are clearly here not because of politics. We love ART and we want you to enjoy the contemporary Indonesian art and artworks in our collection and from the artists we represent.

I am very sorry that this website will remain unavailable for an indefinite period of time. But we are working hard to fix the problems and hope that Gallery Lukisan's website will again be online soon.

Please check our
    Gallery Lukisan's Facebook Page
for updates or available artworks.

And follow our
    tweets at Twitter
for some art news.

Thank you.


Best regards,

Sander Salim
Gallery manager